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environmental services Potenza


The Garramone Michele & Sons snc company located in Potenza at C.da Costa della Gaveta n. 35, has been working for over 40 years in the environmental sector and consolidating its experience in the Oil & Gas sector with maintenance/cleaning activities in industrial plants. The company’s steady growth occurred thanks to the strict adherence to certain key points such as quality, punctuality, honesty inside as well as outside of the company, training, associates’ professionalism, discretion and continuous updating of information to the staff. 
Through this itinerary, the company developed a remarkable know how that led it to a progressive broadening of its clientele. 


“Protecting the environment is our commitment to humanity. Our passion is implemented in the work that we do. We formulate a successful strategy that protects the environment while improving the lives of people and respecting their human values.” 


The company’s values are mainly: 
- health and safety of the individual human resource through information, training and education. Each employee is part of an integrated and balanced system making them participants from a business as well as social point of view; 
- protecting the environment through waste management and in compliance with all regulations; 
- professionalism in the performance of the work assigned, in that throughout the years, has allowed the achievement of desired results. The attainment of profits is not important for the company but accomplishing the tasks with efficiency and effectiveness is. 

Services available

disposal of special waste Potenza
The company specialises in: 

- Management and mediation of waste (withdrawal, collection, transfer, recovery and disposal of special hazardous and non-hazardous waste, liquids and solids, hazardous and non-hazardous municipal waste coming from civil, industrial and similar settlements; 

- Cleaning and washing with gully emptier and hydrodynamic drive. 
- Environmental services of sanitisation, pest control, rodent control, weed control and environmental sanitation with any vehicle; 
- Environmental recovery, rearrangement and clean-up as well as depollution of waters as well as deteriorated, contaminated and ruined areas; 
- Unblocking and cleaning of public and private sewers; 
- Replenishment, pressurising and testing of sewer, water and similar pipes; 
- Video inspection activities; 
- Unblocking septic tanks; 
- Rental of portable toilets, containers, single-piece and industrial cleaning; 
- Transport of third party hazardous and non-hazardous merchandise using their equipment and vehicles to those authorised; 
- Transport and supply of drinking, demineralised and industrial water;
- Liquid, powder and mud suction;
- Research activities for underground excavations, pipes, etc. with vacuum suction system; 
- Adequate requirements for working in Confined Spaces (DPR 177/2011).
Where we are 
Head office/operating centre

Dove siamo

- Sede legale/operativa: Contrada Costa della Gaveta, 35 – 85100 Potenza
- Sede operativa: Zona industriale, snc – 85059 Viggiano (Potenza) 
- Sede operativa: Contrada San Giovanni – 85012 Corleto Perticara (Potenza)

 Resp.Area Operativa Potenza:   GARRAMONE VITO                +39 348 140 06 50

 Resp.Area Operativa Val d'Agri: GARRAMONE ANTONIO         +39 348 140 06 90

Responsabile Tecnico Geom.:    GIUZIO CONCETTA                +39 348 140 06 06


environmental services Potenza

The Garramone company activities are concentrated in Basilicata but in the last few years and along with a group of entrepreneurs who operate in the same sector, it decided to cross national boundaries. 

In 2012, with the discovery of an oilfield in Pemba, Mozambique, five young entrepreneurs leave to look for new job opportunities. 

Approximately every six months, they go on the territory to see with their own eyes what initially seemed pure utopia. 

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Our background

Michele is a small conveyor c/t. Every morning while smoking his cigarette, he sees strange vehicles constantly going by on the SS Basentana. 
These gully emptiers from Apulia carry out interventions in Potenza and neighbouring areas every day. This is how Michele’s long-term outlook replaced the unmet local demand. The difficulties in buying a gully emptier are many but this did not bring down Michele in doing so, instead they reinforced his determination in being the first person to own a gully emptier in Basilicata. 

In 1978, he finally bought his first gully emptier and since that day, the company continued to grow. On February 19, 1996, he decided to transform the sole proprietorship into an organisation by the name of GARRAMONE MICHELE & SONS s.n.c.

Michele’s fortune was not just having an idea but also that his sons joined him and supported him from the start and all the time. From an early age, Antonio and Vito demonstrated successful working skills. Over the years, they developed significant professional talents and responsibilities, which led their father to sell his share to his children in 2009. Each now owns 50%. 

It is a company that was founded with the objective of ensuring a resolvable service with a gully emptier. Over the years, its activities increase by presenting a vast and broad social object. 

In fact, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Antonio’s love for his work crosses the boundaries of Potenza and settles in Val d’Agri. A little later in 2010, he builds a headquarters in Viggiano, which now has about 40 employees.  
Vito dedicates himself completely to the work in Potenza and neighbouring areas while strongly believing in his work and constantly struggling against competitors. At the same time, he decides to embark on a new path and opens a headquarters in Corleto Perticara. 
They are both certainly projected in an economic environment that led them to develop a remarkable know how. 
They rely heavily on their highly-trained staff. Both Antonio and Vito have great confidence in them and believe that human resources are the real capital of the company. 
It is not essential for them to achieve profits but to maximise operational efficiency and strategic effectiveness of their own vehicles and people organization. This can only be achieved with the perfect connection between tangible and intangible capital. 
The company is presently in the process of further transformation and many projects are to be implemented. The determination to accomplish them is not missing. The future hope is another change of generations in which the protagonists will be Antonio’s and Vito’s children. 

List of certifications

Throughout the years, the Garramone company has obtained the certification of excellence. 

An environmental quality management, health and safety system was implemented. 
The company has the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 
  • OH SAS 18001:2007 

The offices

  • Sede Legale
  • Ctr. Costa della Gaveta, 35
    85100 POTENZA (PZ)
  • 0971 50015
  • Sede Operativa
  • Via R. Pellettieri, 58
    85059 - VIGGIANO (PZ)
    Zona Industriale